Landmark Group of Builders is a passionate group of professionals who continually strive to improve the quality of their homes, while ensuring the best value for their customers and community. Landmark’s vision is to be a major North American housing solutions provider recognized for sustainability and for leading a revolution in the industrialization of housing construction.

Sean has developed an excellent relationship with Landmark and provides them with sound realtor advice about their spec homes, while selling their homes to prospective buyers. Sean works closely with Area Sales Managers with a unique realtor/builder program that enables prospective buyers to purchase their Landmark dream home and sell their current home with peace of mind.

Norcap is a locally owned and operated home builder that continues to build a solid reputation for beautifully-designed, high-quality infill homes in Edmonton. Sean assists Norcap by helping them secure profitable infill lots that they can develop, then sell once the home is complete and ready for market.

Norcap is renowned for building modern eye-catching custom infill homes with incredible curb appeal, beautiful interior finishes, and well-planned functionality. They work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure every detail is reviewed, properly executed and finished. For more information about working with Norcap, please contact Sean directly.

Diamond Star Homes, a family owned and operated business, has been building beautiful custom homes in Western Canada for over 40 years. Specializing in state-of-the-art custom homes, spec homes and unique multi-family projects, Diamond Star’s home building range spans the whole spectrum. Known for their innovative quality, first-class service, and precise craftsmanship, they continue to be a key player in the custom home industry. Once Diamond Star’s homes are complete, Sean takes on the task of selling these homes quickly and efficiently.

Mathew McLash, President and CEO of WestOak, grew up in Edmonton and has more than 15 years of real estate development experience in the Edmonton market. This local Edmonton focus and the experience of leading and directing development projects ranging in value from $1 million to more than $4 billion have instilled in Mathew a passion for designing and building mixed use residential structures that inspire a sense of togetherness.

WestOak works with industry-leading consultants such as RAW, Stantec, Bunt, EIDO, and others.